Learn About Metro Payroll

Metro Payroll was founded in 2006 by Tim Medenwaldt and quickly became the premier payroll service provider in Minnesota. We serve over 190 clients in 10 states, and we are known for giving our clients superior service and offering user-friendly, best-in-class web-based software. We offer a variety of payroll solutions, as well as human resource solutions, to free up your time to allow you to focus on your business and not on mundane tasks like payroll.

We are a young company that is full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to take on your payroll challenge. Our first 10 years has been an amazing beginning, and we are so grateful to those clients who have entrusted us with their payroll needs. Clients from Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, and other parts of the United States have joined our Metro Payroll family. We are ready for you to join as well.

Delivering Accurate And On Time Payroll Services For Small Businesses

Our goal is to give you back some time to allow you to focus on those things that you have not previously had time for. Whether it is social media marketing, researching new products, or simply finding new ways to grow your business, more time can transform your business and help you to move it to a new level. In just 10 years, Metro Payroll has become a force in the payroll service niche. If you are looking for a payroll service provider, Metro Payroll should be your choice. Whether you are large or small, make your payroll process more efficient by using one of our web-based payroll solutions or allowing them to do your payroll. It will give you back sometime and allow you to concentrate more on the vision you had for your company.

Metro Payroll offers a variety of different payroll solutions to allow you to focus on your trade. We want to take some of the stress off of you and allow you to keep your focus where it belongs – on your operation. Some of the services that we offer include:

What do we offer?