HR Support

Do you want more support than just payroll? We can help you with other human resource needs as well. At Metro Payroll, we want to make you more efficient, and this means that we take some of the human resource tasks off of your plate. There are several ways that we can aid you in your human resources department, including:

  • Applicant tracking system – If you are in charge of hiring, keeping track of who is applying for a variety of positions can be overwhelming. If they have applied online, an applicant tracking system can make this very simple. A quick search can net you all of the applicants that meet certain search parameters.
  • Tracking required training – If your employees have required training, keeping track of them can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Having a system for that can make you more proficient and save time.
  • Track monthly reviews – This is another task that can take quite a bit of time. A tracker that lets you know who is due for a review can allow you to plan ahead without too much effort from you. Simply run a report and you see who needs a review in just seconds.
  • Performance tracking – A system that keeps track of performance milestones can make reviews so much easier, whether you do them on an annual basis or a monthly one. Work smarter, not harder.

Metro Payroll can give you more time to focus on your business, rather than day to day paperwork, such as on payroll and other paper-driven tasks. This can free up time to do those tasks you have been putting off. Whether you want to grow your company, or you want to take it in a new direction, Metro Payroll can be a great tool to help you to grow. Give them a call today.